About my Account

How do I get an account?
Any business you frequent that uses the Points-to-Prizes program will create an account for you and direct you to this website to redeem your points.
How many accounts can I have?
You will need a separate account for every business you frequent that is using the Points-to-Prizes program. We highly recommend you use the same member number (phone number) for all your accounts. You will simply select the corresponding business from the drop-down menu during login that you are redeeming points through.

About my Point

How are my points entered into this program?
After you have accumulated your winning point total from the business, an attendant will need to validate the point total. At this time, you will give the attendant your member number and your points will be added into the system at that time. The points are entered twice so the odds of an error during entry is greatly reduced.
Where can I see how many points I currently have?
Once you login to your account, there is a status window in the upper right hand corner of the site with the heading "Current Account". In this cell you will see your member number, business name and available points.
Can I combine my points from all my accounts?
No. There is no commingling of points from different cafes/arcades. Each establishment that you received points from is responsible for redeeming those points for prizes.

About Redeeming my Points

Where can I see the Prizes?
First you login into your account. You can then click the button under the "Current Account" cell says (Click here to find your prize) or hover the "Find Prize" link in the upper left hand side of the main navigation. There is a prize icon denoting the link. From there select the category you want to browse.
How do I redeem points for prizes?
You have to be logged into your account to accomplish this. Follow the directions above to get to the grid of prizes. When you see one you are interested in, click the "Details" link. This will bring up a detailed view of the item. If you have enough points, you will see a button to redeem points for item or a button to add to wish list. If you do not have enough points, you can add the item to your wish list and redeem at a later time.
What is a Wish List?
The wish list is a great place to add items you want that you do not have enough point for or add items you are not sure about. This will keep you from having to remember where you found it when looking for it later. You can always remove them form the wish list at any time.

About my Prize(s)

How long after I redeem do I get my prize?
It normally takes 7-10 business days for you items to arrive from fulfillment.
Where do I pick it up?
You will pick up your prize at the establishment you selected when you logged in to redeemed your points through when.
How do I know when it's ready for pick-up?
You will receive a message on this site alerting you that your item is ready.
Can I exchange or return my prize?
No. Unfortunately there are no exchanges or returns. Please inspect your item when you receive it for defects. Every effort will be made to see that you get a quality, working item.